momo/田之上 護(たのうえ まもる)


15歳からベーシストとしてバンド活動にのめり込む。20歳で作曲家になることを決意、音楽学校卒業と同時に活動拠点を東京へ移す。22歳でSony music所属ツキクラ「STARDUST」にて作家デビュー。楽曲提供と並行しアートユニット「Shiro」のプロデューサーとしても活動。投稿した楽曲の総再生数は10万回を突破している。バンドサウンドを基調とした楽曲を得意とし、「心に刺さる歌」をモットーに多方面で活躍中。


momo/mamoru tanoue

Born in 1995, he is from Fukuoka prefecture.

I was doing band activities as a bassist since I was 15 years old. I decided to become a composer at the age of 20, and at the same time I graduate from the music school, I move the activity base to Tokyo. At the age of 22 he made his debut as a writer at TSUKIKURA "STARDUST" belonging to Sony music. In parallel with providing music, he also works as a producer of art unit "Shiro". The total number of playbacks of the submitted songs has exceeded 100,000 times. He is good at songs based on band sounds and is active in various fields with a motto "Singing in my heart".

Also at the music media site Sleepfreaks, he works as a writer, including an interview article such as "a guide to the music industry".